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Different flowers bloom through different seasons. This can be quite challenging as a florist, especially if you want to use a particular flower in a season when that flower does not bloom. Nowadays though through different growing techniques some flowers can be grown out of their blooming season which is great.

But if you’re like me I look forward to the different seasons changing. It’s almost like ‘an out with the old, and in with the new concept’. It makes me excited for the new things to experience in the up and coming season. New flowers to use that I may not have used since last year. It gets me excited to create things appropriate to that season, to show off nature’s beauty for that time of year.

But sometimes it’s nice to just stop and look around at the beauty of nature for that particular time, to experience what is happening now. Our lives can get so busy (maybe not so much this year) that we miss what is right in front of us. We then miss and crave the things that have passed us by, and are then wanting to move forward to get to that season again.

Enjoy today, enjoy the nature around you today, enjoy the season you are in today.

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